Swipe launching to make presentations more simple and attempts to break a Hubspot world record on stage

Swipe is a new way to deliver and watch presentations - from any device to any number of devices, in real-time. The first live two-way experience. All you need is a browser.

Swipe is the first two-way presentation tool, and we're challenging the notion of what a slide can be. It works on any device with a modern browser. Build dynamic web-powered presentations effortlessly, share a link to anyone and they can follow along live on any device in real-time. To show the power of putting content in users' hands, the team will attempt to break Hubspot's world record webinar on stage. We are introducing a vision for the sharing of live information and announcing our beta.

Remark: Launching at The Next Web Conference Startup Rally, Thursday April 25'th between  10:45 - 11:45 CET in the Blue Room. More details on the conference agenda can be found here

We think that presentations haven't changed much since the 50's, when the first slide projectors were introduced. It's still a static experience with one person, one "device", one projector. It's a one-way experience. There's a strong argument to be made that they've actually gotten worse.

We sit in an audience and watch a presentation, we all have a laptop, tablet, or phone with us. Most of the time we're on them doing other stuff, because it's not so great to stare at a terrible projector screen and look at text. Why aren't we using the web and the web-enabled devices to see the presentation live on them, interact with the presenter, and actually share in the experience? Why are we doing the same things as in the 50's when we have computers in our pockets and soon on our faces?

Swipe changes that.

We think anyone should be able to pick up any device that's available, log in, and start presenting to an audience with no complications, or watch a live presentation on any device. We think it's not about how you can create a slide, but how you can interact with your audience and how your experience is while presenting. That's why we think everyone has been focusing on the wrong thing - how to create "slides", but on the web. We've started from the other side, by asking "what is a slide and how can this be better?" We've tried to look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

Swipe is a challenge to the term "slide", because we think anything can be a slide. It should work on any device, and it should be in the hands of every single person watching, to turn it into a two-way interaction. Then it becomes super powerful.

We've made the easiest, most effortless presentation tool in the world, and we think it's sexy because it's so simple and easy to use.

It gets better and better as you use it with other people.

Swipe is a responsive web app that works in any modern browser. All you have to do is pick up a phone, tablet, or pc, log in to Swipe and drag and drop media to the browser to upload (or select files on mobile). Sprinkle in web content on top of that and then you get a simple link to share to anyone in the world. If your presentation is set as public, anyone that is tuned in to that URL will see the slides change as you swipe through them on your favorite device, in real-time, no matter where they are. It just works, even if you're on 3G or Edge, since we serve responsive images to the right sized devices. It's a bit of magic.

Dropbox Integration
You can also connect your Dropbox account and create and collaborate in a dedicated folder. As you update files in your Dropbox folder we sync the changes to Swipe, making sure the right version is immediately uploaded. Just log in, hit "start live presentation" and your new slides are on the web for your audience to see.

We think you should Swipe everything and anything. We think that while everyone is focused on how to share information online better, everyone has forgotten about the person-to-person sharing of information and that's what we focus on. We're passionate about using the best of the web and improve things we do with real people, directly, in person or through the web.

Asia launch
We understand the immense potnential in Asia and are announcing our soon-to-come Japan launch on stage at The Next Web. We are going to prioritize Japanese and Korean before any other language because we see huge potential in their media usage patterns and mobile adoption, which is far more exciting than most western markets. 

About us
Swipe is co-founded by Horia Cernusca and Håkon Eide. Horia is a designer and marketer and Håkon is an all-language developer. Both co-founders have built or sold a startup of some sort.

We met at Startup Weekend six months ago, an event that we went on to win, even though the idea didn't even get enough votes to form a team initially. Six months later we're launching Swipe on stage at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, attempting to break a world record, and hopefully inspiring a massive audience. We've done this even though up until one month ago we both had part-time jobs. We think pressure is fun. We're excited to share our vision.

" The reason why slides are mostly boring is because it's a one-way experience. No one bothers to create good content because it's just something on one screen. Something you look at, but that's it. It's all a bit meh. " Horia Cernusca, co-founder of Swipe
"If you want your message to travel, then the browser is your (future) presentation platform of choice. No proprietary formats, no conversion nightmares, instant access from billions of devices, easy sharing, and more. " Ilya Grigorik, Developer Advocate at Google
About Swipe

Swipe - deliver, manage, and share presentations from any device in real-time.

Swipe is the easiest way to manage, share, and present live information. Log in from any device to control your presentation, and as you swipe to your next slide, everyone who is tuned in will see exactly what you see, no matter where they are, in real-time on any device. We help you create stunning web-powered presentations and help you put them in the hands of your audience.